Tell The Others

Grief, loss and cultivating a positive outlook after the death of a loved one

January 04, 2022 Heidi Rogers
Tell The Others
Grief, loss and cultivating a positive outlook after the death of a loved one
Show Notes

The loss of a loved one creates a new kind of 'normal' and introduces us to a kind of suffering that we have never known.

Join me as I speak with special guest Brendan Murray as he opens up about his experiences with death and the loss of his parents. For anyone dealing with the loss of a loved one, Brendan shares some techniques to cope with grief and loss to help you get back to life.

What to expect from the episode:

  • Feelings and vulnerability in grief
  • How does losing someone you love affect you?
  • Describing the pain of losing someone
  • Cultivating a positive outlook after losing a loved one
  • Why is it hard to accept someone's death?
  • Do you ever recover from losing a loved one?
  • The power of choosing positive emotion
  • Negative mindsets: blame and regret will hold you back from being happy
  • How to train your brain to focus on what you can control
  • Techniques and goals for growth


[02:37] What Heidi noticed about Brendan when his parents passed away
[05:04] How Brendan copes with grief and loss
[08:12] Is it true that “everything happens for a reason”?
[11:14] How do you reconcile grief?
[12:47] An analogy for explaining death
[15:10] Can you feel the presence of a loved one who passed away?
[19:19] You get to choose how you feel
[21:42] The importance of recognizing your emotions
[25:19] Describing the feeling of losing someone you love for the first time
[27:08] Does dealing with death get easier?
[33:57] Overcoming regret and self-blame
[37:25] The importance of focusing on what you can control
[45:05] “When you stop growing you start dying”
[48:13] Ninety seconds is all it takes to identify an emotion
[49:41] Build momentum to create a force for good in your life
[51:17] Byron Katie's Four Questions
[55:20] Heidi's first Tony Robbins experience
[1:01:16] Tony Robbins’ work and its impact on Brendan and Heidi
[1:05:41] “Knowledge isn't power, execution is where the power lies”
[1:07:19] Opportunity to demonstrate change


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